Yvette Fielding Leaving Most Haunted

On the 25th June 2010 Yvette Fielding announced on the Antix Productions website that she was leaving Living TV’s Most Haunted, to move on to other projects.

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8 Responses

  1. Debbie says:

    Most Haunted is my favourite show,honestly I could watch you guys 24/7.
    I wish Yvette all the very best,and am sure that whatever path she takes,it will be very succesful,just hope she keeps on hunting for spirits and ghosties,Doing what she does best!!

  2. angela says:

    so sad that yvette has left!!! 🙁 most haunted wont be the same without her!!! love the show, but will miss yvette!! will we see anymore yvette and carl shows on living? xxx

  3. Deborah Osborn says:

    Its so sad that Yvette has left Most haunted and i know that everyone who is a fan will miss her, I wish her all the best for the future ( i know she will do great ) Hopefully we will see her again in a new kind of ghostly show. Good luck to all the team in their futures xxx

  4. Helen Palmer says:

    What a shame that we will no longer see yvette and the team on most haunted live…….. instead we are left with an paranormal investigation live show that doesn’t come anywhere close to most haunted, We wish you all the very best in your future projects. And hope one day you shall return.xxxxxx

  5. Georgina says:

    I am just finding out that Yvette is no longer hosting Most Haunted . I had watched for the ad that would tell me it was on at Halloween . I shall miss the team ,and shows , it was getting better each year . Good luck to all , but hope we do see you all in the future at some point . Maybe a Most Haunted resurected special?

  6. denise says:

    One word ‘gutted’.Can’t believe my fave tv viewing will be no more.Wishes to you all for the future and I hope we will see you again in something even more spooky.’WHATS THAT NOISE’! LOL

  7. martyn jackson says:

    i carnt believe most haunted fineshed all of the most haunted crew did a fantasctict job. i wish you all best in future and i hope living channle or on channel 5 in future i hope yvette fielding and karl beattie are working hard in trying to bring most haunted thankyou i hope enjoyed my comment

  8. i think that most haunted team do awonderful job and i wolud do any thing for them yvette fielding does a great job on most haunted and so does the rest the most haunted team do a great job
    keep up the good work every one
    thanks kathrynenderby

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