What are Orbs? From Shadow Seekers

Orbs appear in photographs as small spheres of light. They range is size and vary in transparency and color.

Many groups will claim that orbs are ghosts and restless spirits, proof of the haunted state of the location where they were photographed. Several groups even claim a correspondence between an orbs color and the emotions and intent of the spirit-orb being photographed.

The truth is, there is little to no evidence that suggests orbs are spirits or ghosts in any way. We tend to lean towards the explanation that orbs are nothing more than naturally occurring particles photographed by today’s highly sensitive cameras. Before digital cameras found there way into every household, orb photos were extremely rare. Have you ever seen an orb photo from the 70’s or 80’s? Probably not. In fact, low end and first run digital cameras are very likely the cause of this “paranormal” phenomenon.


Orb On Stephen Griffiths’s Back At Galleries Of Justice

Digital cameras are the latest and hottest invention, and many groups will tell you that they are perfect for ghost hunting. Rumors abound that digital cameras are capable of photographing the infra-red spectrum, and because of this, will allow you to photograph ghosts..ghosts in the form of orbs. And since many digital shots contain these round anomalies, at first glance such statements may seem true. In fact, the highly sensitive lens of a digital camera will photograph not only the object you are intending to shoot, but any dust, dirt or moisture in the air. When a camera engages it’s flash, light reflects of everything in the lens’ view..including the particles in the air. Also, the digital imaging chips in digital cameras vary from those in standard film cameras. When these chips try to function in a low light setting, they will often be incapable of recording the entire range of the lens’ view, and any gaps in the pixels will show up in the picture as white circles. In fact, the recent debate on orbs has prompted a response and explanation from film industry giant FUJI Films A simple experiment to aid in proving this theory would be to shake out a rug in your living room then snap a pic with a digital camera. You most likely will have several orbs in the photo. Also, look closely at a beam of sunlight that shines through a nearby window. In the sun’s beam, you will see several tiny molecules of dirt and dust moving randomly in the air. It is these particles that are often illuminated by the intense light of a camera flash and then captured by the camera’s lens

As you look from group to group and encounter orb photo after orb photo, you will encounter a variety of theories and defenses for the “evidence” many groups so ardently defend. Some will claim that no dust or dirt was present when they photographed a particular orb. The truth is, the only dust free environment known to man exists in outer space, and a simple breath is capable of stirring up dirt and debris in the air. Some groups will claim that an orb is a spirit because it looks different form one that they admit is dust. In fact, dust particles look vastly different from snow particles, which look different from rain particles, which look different from dirt molecules. Thus, you can have several orbs in a photo, each looking quite different from the other, yet none being anything paranormal in nature. The color of particles in the air can be altered by atmospheric conditions and moisture, thus helping to explain the varying colors of orbs. Many investigators will claim that because the orb was capture in a reportedly haunted location, it must be evidence of a ghost. By that logic, a picture taken of a man in the same location would mean that the man was also a ghost.


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