What are Orbs? by Cambridge Paranormal Research Society

What are orbs? Are they the early manifestation of a spirit or do they have a more rational explanation?

Orbs are small round shapes of light that vary in size, brightness and density. With the increasing popularity of digital cameras orbs have become the most popular photographic anomaly recorded to date.

Here at the CPRS we have seen thousands of photographs captured by ourselves and submitted by members of the public. We are of the firm opinion that an extremely high percentage of all orb related photographs are of a natural origin and not related to spirit.
A natural explanation.
Most of the orb photographs out there have been captured with the use of digital cameras and nearly always with the use of the cameras built in flash.
Only very rarely are they caught with SLR cameras with high mounted flash units or in natural daylight conditions with out any the use of an artificial light source.

The main reasons for this is the sensitivity of the CCD technology used with digital cameras and the use of an artificial light source close to the camera lens. Dust may contain moulds, fibres, and dander from dogs, cats, and other animals, as well as tiny dust mites. Dust particles close in to the camera focal range are the normal culprits for most orb photographs.
When a digital photograph is taken using the flash any airborne particles within the focal range and focal angle of the camera lens are illuminated by the flash and reflected back to the lens. As they are so close to the lens they are out of focus and therefore appear often as translucent blobs. The shape of the orb, normally round is due to the particular aperture type of the camera being used. Virtually every kind of indoor environment will contain an amount of dust in the air. Any movement in a building will cause the dust to circulate and carry on the streams of air caused by natural draughts, air condition units or central heating.
Dust itself is does not have a particular reflective quality and therefore it will be only the odd particle within the cameras focal field and angle at the time the flash goes off that will be picked up. Moisture particles are a lot more reflective and by taking photographs outside at night with flash on a night of high humidity will also give the appearance of an abundance of orbs on your photographs.


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