The Talbot Hotel Cleobury Mortimer – Haunted Shropshire

The Talbot Hotel in Cleobury Mortimer is a beautiful 16th century black and white building complete with old coaching steps outside. It is rich with history and the odd “ghost story”.

The Talbot Hotel also boasts a secret tunnel from the cellar supposedly to the Parish Church, though it’s long been blocked off and the tale is based upon local legend. Even better is the suggestion that the tunnel actually extended to Mawley Hall once upon a very ancient time.

There is a ghost recorded with name of Mary and there is regular activity in Room 6.

There is a historic market cross in front of the Talbot Hotel, and legend has it that Prince Arthur, brother to Henry VIII was laid on his journey to Worcester Cathedral.
Cleobury Mortimer was named when the Mortimer family established themselves here in 1086 and gave their name to the town.

Talbot Hotel Cleobury MortimerTalbot Hotel Cleobury Mortimer

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