The Old Railway Tunnel – Haunted Bridgnorth

The disused railway tunnel which runs under the town is believed to be haunted.

During the last war when the tunnel was still use, the entrance was guarded by mambers of the home guard. One night while on guard duty ,a young soldier saw a ghostly figure coming towards him out of the tunnel.

He experienced a feeling of extreme terror which prompted to aim his rifle at the figure. He remained rooted to the spot for what seemed to be hours as the figure moved closer until it disappeared.

Since the closure of the tunnel it has been used as a playground by local children. One bonfire night while playing with fierworks in the tunnel a ghostly, brightly figure came towards a group of children, who ran away in terror, vowing never to enter the tunnel again.

During the tunnel construction a workman was run over by a cart and suffered fatal injuries. Perhaps it is he who walks the tunnel.

bridgnorth railway tunnel today

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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Yeah its a creepy place, but i don’t think its haunted. I’ve been in a number of tunnels and they all make you paranoid. Just man up!

  2. kevin morris says:

    i never actually knew the old railway tunnel was haunted

    (this comment was from my daughter oliva)

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