The George Hotel (The Hollyhead) – Haunted Bridgnorth


When Mr Hollyhead, a past landlord, first took over the George pub he had already heard rumours that the place was haunted.

One bedroom in particular felt chilly when guests stayed there. A gentleman who stayed at the hotel for a few months was certain that it was a ghost of a woman, because whenever he felt a presence it was accompanied by a sweet perfume.

Mr Hollyhead and his family felt uncomfortable whenever they had to go upstairs, Over a period of eighteen months, whenever they did venture upstairs they could hear a hollow clicking noise, like a light switch being turned on and off, but there was never anyone there.

When the ground floor was renovated approximately seven to eight years after they moved in, things started to happen as soon as a certain wall was knocked out in the passageway. Whenever the pub was locked up at night, the last door to be locked was the one next to the passage way and a cold chill was always felt on the back of the neck when this was done.

The most dramatic occurrence happened when Mr Hollyhead and a friend were in the bar talking one evening afters had left for the night. Suddenly Mr Hollyhead was aware that someone was standing behind the bar.He turned round and saw the vague figure.

At the same time, his friend cried out that he was on fire and he was certain that he was enveloped in flames.He tried to put himself out by frantically beating his clothes.Within a few seconds everything was back to normal.Mr Hollyhead had definitely smelt something burning but nothing had actually been on fire.

Mr Hollyhead sold the property in june 1985. He does not know much about the history of the pub, but has found out that there was an inn on the site in 1520 and stone caves with the old stillages in them can still be seen near the property. He heard a story that a previous landlord commited suicide at the pub and the daughter met whith some misfortune.

Some Ghostly Tales Of Shropshire by Christine McCarthy

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