The Future Of Most Haunted from Karl Beattie On Facebook

Hi Guys. Just thought I would pop on and clear a few bits up. I have been told that there have been a few fools making idiots of themselves with comments about MH’s return as if they have some sort of inside information…they don’t.

There is only one person who knows everything that is happening regarding on going meetings, formats and channels that we are talking too and that is me.

All of this information is given to only three people, Yvette, Fred and Simon. Any information given outside of us four is simply false. Please remember my friends, when someone says that they ‘know television’ or state that ‘they have official information about MH’, they are lying and it is only an attempt to boost their own failing career or get some sort of notoriety on their sad little FB/Twitter/Forum pages.

I have also seen posts and had messages from people who say they have inside knowledge of information of MH…again they are attention seeking burks who have little in their lives other than trying to make themselves seem important…to them I say a huge grow up and fek off.

The only people who you can trust to give you correct, up-to-date information are those directly involved and they are myself, Yvette, Simon Healy and Fred Batt.

I am only putting this post up because I have the greatest respect for you all and the support you have shown is beyond belief, I know I speak for Yvette, Simon and Fred when I say we owe you all so much and love you loads. It is because I have such strong feelings for you all that I cannot stand and see a few publicity, attention seeking low lives cause confusion. My message to them would be sort out your own back yard before jumping into mine!

Thanks again you lovely people, remember together we are stronger. xx

Karl Beattie

Official Facebook MH Pages Referred To Above

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  1. M Jones says:

    Gloucester prison is closed and for sale . why not do an investigation there ? while it`s still possible……

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