The Feathers Ludlow Haunted ?

This hotel in the small town of Ludlow is re-known worldwide for its beautiful Jacobean architecture and medieval heritage.

Built in 1619 during the reign of King James I the name of the hotel originates from the motifs of ostrich feathers forming part of the timber framed façade which were traditionally the badge of the Prince of Wales who at the time was the future King Charles I and can still be seen today.

The small town of Ludlow was popular with the Royals as it remained loyal throughout the English Civil War and this hotel was even thought to be used for the Royalist soldiers. Indeed it was the Captain in the King’s Army who converted it into an inn in around 1670.

Paranormal Activity

With its extensive history much paranormal activity has been recorded over the years. A ghost of an unknown lady haunts room 211 and is known to be picky of who sleeps in the room, often preferring gentlemen guests to women guests. One couple awoke one night to find the female guest’s hair being pulled so violently that she was dragged from her bed whilst her male partner felt an unseen hand gently stroke his face. The female guest returned to her bed but awoke the next morning to find her clothes and sheets soaked with water but the sheets surroundings completely dry. Other reports have included a man in Victorian dress accompanied by a dog walking through room 232 into room 233.

The writing room is home to another male spirit who is searching for someone called Richard and seems to be from the period of James I. In 1974 a Mr. Ainsley was visiting the hotel for a meeting and rushing to meet his appointment he hastily parked his car opposite the hotel and soon realised he had forgotten some papers. Turning back to his car the man was stunned to see a young girl running and passing straight through his vehicle and vanishing but as he entered the hotel to relay his story the barman, he was informed that he was not the first to have seen the young girl. Some believe it was a girl that died in a road accident who was hurrying along to meet or do whatever that once fateful that day.


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