The Crown & Raven Hotel – Haunted Bridgnorth

The landlord and landlady who were running the Crown and Raven some years ago had heard that it was haunted when they moved in but were a bit sceptical. A woman who claimed to be a medium came to the pub and was unwilling to go into the catering kitchen. People have also felt cold spots in the pub. The landlady has heard that there are supposed to be two ghosts at the Raven, although she has never seen either of them. One ghost is supposed to be of a girl called Evaand the second ghost is to be that of a cavalier.

Mr Les Stewart, a past landlord of the Crown and Raven, never saw anything whilst he was there, but there was always a lot of noise at night which could not be accounted for, including footsteps. The compressed air would also switch itself off on its own occasionally. A past landlady at the pub Mrs Chris Sandy,also had a few strange experiences. She had two Alsatian dogs when she moved in but the dogs not go into the upstairs flat. They would sit outside the door with their fur on end and refuse to move. Also the bathroom light kept switching on by itself. Mrs Sandy down one morning at about 7.30 am. She had employed a man part time to come in early to do the bottling up. He commented, when she said good morning that she was a bit more socialble than the young woman he had seen earlier. He said the woman had come in and gone behind the bar and when he spoke to her, she had ignored him. Mrs Sandy was unable to account for this strange woman because because she had no one stayingwith her at the time.

Most of the experiences seemed to happen in the Crown part of the pub, Mrs Sandy and some friends held a seance one evening and they received a message from a young girl. She said she was 19 years old and was a chambermaid [the property used to be a hotel]. She was engaged to a man but found out that he was having an affair with someone else. She killed other girl and was executed for murder.

excerpt from Bridgnorth Ghost Book by Mark Hartley & Julie Wareing

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