Police alerted over UFOs, ghost sightings, witches and zombies

ZOMBIES, witches, ghosts, and UFOs — Dyfed-Powys Police have received some very unconventional call-outs over the past five years.

Local officers have received a number of reports on the supernatural which are now available to the public after a Freedom of Information Act request.

The records reveal 14 UFO sightings, 26 reports of ghosts, 11 of witches and two of zombies and vampires respectively.

In April 2009 a caller reported a witch had been to their house and put salt around their bed.

In the same year, police received a “report of malicious communication; rumours that an individual’s mother is a witch”.

Another file shows someone reported that they had been force-fed a fur-ball during a witchcraft ritual.

And a drunk man in Llanelli told police that he believed a gang of witches wanted to sacrifice him.

There were also three entries in 2007 from a person the police believed to have a mental illness, who claimed her mother was a “black witch”.

Police have received three calls concerning zombies.

One was a phone call made by someone making strange noises and saying “zombie” down the line.

The other two were false alarms: a man acting suspiciously wearing a zombie mask, and someone dressed as a zombie as part of a film shoot.

While there have been no werewolf sightings, there have been numerous reports of strange goings on in the sky.

In 2004 at Whitemill, near Carmarthen, police received a call which said: “Just seen something strange in the sky. It is like a streak and it is just still. Could be UFO”

Another, in 2009, recounted a “report of a large orange sphere in the sky, looks like a hot air balloon. Later clarified to be Chinese lanterns.”

In Newcastle Emlyn there was another report of three lights in a triangle, and big round orange lights with white around them “thought to be a UFO”.

In all incidents police said there was no evidence of supernatural activity, but that does not mean all are explained.

Phil Hoyle of Shrewsbury’s UFO Research and Investigation Unit said the statistics were a fraction of sightings, many of which go unreported or are hard to classify. “The police go through a process of elimination to try to classify it, but people often can’t describe what they have seen,” he said.

Llanelli Star 11 May 2011
By Alexander Smith

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