Mytton & Mermaid Hotel, Atcham, Shrewsbury – Haunted Shropshire

The Mytoon & Mermaid Hotel is a grade II listed Building, built in 1735 standing on the banks of the River Severn, whose crypt is reputed to lead to a secret tunnel linking the building with the St Eata’s church. The Inn, whose origins lie in the days of the mail coach, is steeped in history. From the early 18th century the Inn was known as the Talbot Arms – name derived from the Earls of Shrewsbury.

The hotel is reputedly haunted by John ‘Mad Jack’ Mytton, who was a local eccentric who lived with 2000 dogs and 60 cats while drinking six bottles of port per day.

His money eventually ran out and he died in a debtors prison. Following his death his funeral procession stopped at the Mytton, then a Coaching Inn on the way to Halston chapel. Once a year on his birthday, his ghost is reputed to visit the hotel that has now taken his name.

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