Most Haunted Axed By Living TV, But This Means A New Future For Most Haunted

Living TV has finally released the rights to Most Haunted back to Karl Beattie and Antix Productions. This means Karl could now take the show to another TV station.

The statement from Living TV said: “We have decided not to recommission Most Haunted and will be giving Antix Productions the right to take it to another channel if they wish,” Sky Living said. “We would like to thank Yvette Fielding and Karl Beattie for all of their hard work and commitment over the years.”

The statement continued: “Like every commercial TV channel, Sky Living is constantly developing new ideas. We recognise our customers’ appetite for paranormal programming and have recently aired a series about popular psychic Sally Morgan and original scripted drama Bedlam, which proved to be the channel’s most successful commissioned series in its history.

“As well as paranormal, the channel will build on other successful genres, from scripted comedy to real-life relationships, which we know our customers also enjoy.”

The news was posted on Karl Beattie’s Facebook and in the Sun Newspaper.

Karl Beattie posted on his Facebook on 12th August 2011

Hi Guys Just wanted to give you the official news. SkyLiving has decided not to re-commission MH which is sad news, however, we have been given our rights back, so we can go to other broadcasters with it. I think that a new home and better investigation techniques will move MH into the next phase making it bigger and better than ever. We are very excited about MH’s future, so onwards and upwards my paranormal friends. xx

The Sun 13th August

GHOST-busting show Most Haunted has been axed by Sky Living – a year after Yvette Fielding quit.

The channel will return the programme rights to production company Antix, run by Yvette, 42, and husband Karl Beattie.

A spokesman said Sky Living will focus on other paranormal TV, including psychic Sally Morgan’s show and drama Bedlam.

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