Margam Castle Haunted ? Paranormal Investigation 10th February 2007

On 10th February 2007 Paranormal United joined Phil Whyman ( Most Haunted & Scream Team ) via Dead Haunted Nights for a paranormal investigation night in Margam Castle.

Dead Haunted Nights promo line is …Do you want to spend a night in one of this country’s most haunted locations? Do you want one of the best known personalities, Phil Whyman, in the world of Paranormal Television to be your host for the event? Our answer was YES.

So Let The Coverage Begin …..

Prelude To Margam Castle Paranormal Investigation

Margam Castle is a Tudor gothic mansion located near Neath, Port Talbot. It was commissioned by Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot, designed by architect Thomas Hopper and built in between 1830 and 1840.
The Talbot family owned the property until just after the outbreak of the war in 1939 and was brought in 1942 by Sir David Evans-Devan the owner of Vale of Neath Brewery although he never actually lived in the premises. With no occupants from 1942 the building fell to ruin and became an empty shell. It was not until 1973 that Glamorgan County Council purchased the estate and began the renovation of the estate. The castle was the last of their priorities so little work was done on its renovation. In June 1977 a fire totally gutted the interior of the castle leaving just the masonry shell intact. From August 1977 a restoration programme began replacing fire areas and a new roof, with the magnificent entrance hall and stairways getting the main attention.
The buildings North wing now exists as a Field Study Centre and the only areas open to the public are some of the ground floor rooms, entrance hall and bottom of the stairway. The upper floors are still accessible and the first floor consists of sheet wooden flooring sitting on new timber joists, some of which is very unsafe.

The gallery is popular with paranormal enthusiasts, especially due to the coverage by Living TV’s Most Haunted.

After a tour by ‘light’ of Margam Castle by an employee of the Galleries, we started our investigation.

Equipment Used

Pentax Optio S55 5.0 megapixel digital camera, HP Photosmart R717 6.2 megapixel digital camera, KII EMF Meter, & Sony Video 8 Camcorder.


Heavy rain which leaked into many areas of the building. First floor was constructed of sheet timber so the noise of movement was loud and echoed. Light from the ground floor could be seen on the first floor through cracks around the edges of the floor.

Investigation Format

45 minutes sessions. Teams of 8 people

 Margam Castle Paranormal Investigation

Nursery and Adjoining Rooms On The First Floor. Teamleader : Vince Draper

Mandy and I started in a corridor leading to the nursery by a spiral staircase that led to the tower. (The tower was not accessible due to insurance issues.) Nothing could be reported, all sounds heard and drafts felt were down to the weather conditions.
We joined the rest of the team including medium Tracy Higgs to carry out a séance in the nursery. Prompted by the tour of the property we tried to assess what song was associated with the room, the teams original thoughts was ‘Ring A Ring Of Roses’ however this was to be replaced with ‘Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush’ and this was confirmed by Tracey Higgs. (The origin of this nursery rhyme was Wakefield Prison sung as the inmates danced around a Mulberry Bush).
The medium also picked up on two other presences. The first a lady with a high collar she identified as Emily, was this Miss Emily Charlotte Talbot, the daughter of Christopher Rice Mansell Talbot, who inherited Margam in 1876. The second was that of a child.

Stairwell and Two Ground Floor Rooms. Teamleader : Tracy Phillips

We started in the back room of the two on the ground floor. There were some old items placed there including a cot and mangle. We sensed no activity in either of the two rooms and moved on into the hall and stairway. The team spread out and moved around the area over the period of the vigil. While Tracy was sat on the stairs we all heard the noise of something hitting stone near her. When we investigated we found the possible source, a five pence piece on the carpet of the stairs, if this was the cause of the sound its origin, one of us or paranormal, could not be confirmed. While Mandy & I were on the balcony overlooking the stairs members of the team downstairs reported see a shadow or shape near us. We can not confirm this but can say we felt no change in temperature and sensed nothing.

Bedrooms On First Floor : Team Leader : Phil Whyman

We started with the team and sat around a table in the centre bedroom after some Q&A with Phil we tried calling out. There was no response and we must say we felt totally relaxed in that room. Moving into the adjoining bedroom with Ian, where he had set up a fixed video camera. Again there was nothing to report other than lights from the team downstairs showing around the edges of the floor.

Table Tipping with Tracy Higgs

On the last vigil we would be involved with we joined Tracy Higgs and Ian and returned to the bedroom we had previously investigated with Phil. Tracy was keen to try this having picked up on some things in this room earlier. This was our first experience of table tipping with a medium so we were a little sceptical of its possible outcome.
Tracy was quickly disturbed by a transformation she saw in Ian’s face. She described his face becoming older with bushy eyebrows and larger ears. Mandy confirmed she saw the same, but did point out later that Ian had his back to a window so this could merely have been the effect of being backlit. However this transformation disturbed Tracy as she also felt the presence of a man in the room who she did not want to interact with. I personally can say I felt ill at ease and had trouble focusing on Tracy although there was some light in the room. I have reflected on this and on the rational side say she was wearing dark clothes against a dark background, on the non-rational side I still wonder if it was energy Tracy generated. I have my belief but as always try to be analytical.

We left Margam at 4.10am, leaving the team to carry on till 5am.

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