Ludlow Castle Haunted Shropshire

Ludlow Castle occupies a strategic position on the border between England and Wales and was the last to surrender to the Parliamentary forces in 1646. The castle dates from the 11th century but its haunting stems from the days of Henry II when it was in the middle of many border skirmishes

The castle is reputed to be haunted by Marion de Bruyere. She was on the side of the castle garrison who were holding out against a besieging force.

Bruyere’s lover was on the opposing, attacking side, she allowed him to climb a rope to her chamber. However after visiting her one night, and in his passion, the man forgot to pull up the rope. Consequently his fellow soldiers were then able to climb it and take possession of the castle. Upset at her lovers betrayal she killed her lover with his own sword then threw herself from the Battlements. He spirit walks the Hanging Tower of the castle. Other ghosts also haunt Ludlow castle, a grey haired lady who walks the rectory and churchyard.

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