Liverpool Playhouse Theatre – Haunted Theatres

In 1999, workmen were refurbishing the theatre. The contractors eventually downed tools after a series of unexplained happenings. Electricians reported taps mysteriously being switched on by themselves, a frightening ‘presence’ in the basement, and doors slamming shut of there own accord.

It is reputed to be haunted by a ghostly apparition called Elizabeth who was a cleaner. In 1897 she was cleaning the stage the fire iron came down on stage and struck her. The poor woman then fell into the orchestra pit and broke her neck. The ghost haunts gallery level, and specifically the seat A5. Her ghost was sighted again by actress Pauline Daniels, in 1996.

A Grey Lady also haunts the upstairs rehearsal room. An elegant upper class woman wanders from the stalls coffee bar area, dressed in a long coat and grey hood. The ghost of a gentleman in frock coat and top hat, also walks this area looking for his daughter.

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