Lady In Black – Haunted Bridgnorth

Perhaps Bridgnorth best known ghost is that of a young girl, dressed in a black cloak and laced up boots who has been known to appear in the High Street, near the Swan Hotel, and in Cartway.

Witnesses who have seen her include two policemen who used to meet up at the same time every night on their rounds. While having a chat they heard footsteps approaching as they stood by Cranes the fishmongers, although they could see no one.Then suddenly a woman was there walking towards them.One policman asked “Are you alright love” and he heard her reply “Yes thank you” before turning into Cartway and disappearing. This thought it odd that she would suddenly appear very late at night, wearing old fashioned clothes. So on the third night they folled her closely as she turned into Cartway where she simply vanished before their eyes.

The ghost has been seen on many nights and it is believed that she is a ghost of a woman who commited suicide after her lover broke her heart.

excerpt from Bridgnorth Ghost Book by Mark Hartley & Julie Wareing

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  1. Dani says:

    I have heard of this many times befor but then last night i approached the high street in Bridgnorth a lady was walking all alone in very old fashioned clothing i asked : Are you okay but there was no response – As the Lady in the black cloke came towards me i looked on the floor for 5 seconds then i looked back up and this Lady had disapered she was no where in sight i looked all around i didnt see her again !! ( This has scared me very much ) i was all alone when this happened

  2. BOP BOP says:

    Dear all,

    I have seen the ghost or the lady in gray, I was out with my friends back in 2008 I decided to go home earlier than usual. I decided that I would walk down the cart way steps to make my journey home shorter. I was a little wary as I walked down the steps I got as far as the theatre or the third set of steps and I noticed this thing in a black cloak at first I thought it was a mugger as it was all in black/gray with a hood and old fashioned clothes. As I had just moved in to my first house I was determined what ever it was it was not going to have my money. Laugh I know i do now about it. well this object walked towards me and I was convinced it was a mugger it went straight through me thats right straight through my left side of my body. I was so surprised I stood there and turned around I saw it disappear in the side door of the theatre. Surprised more like fucking shocked I decided to get the hell out there. I remember walking through the door at my house saying to my wife iv e seen the lady in Gray in bridgnorth see said are u ok u look shocked I am ever since ive been very wary of the steps and I know my friends take piss but I know others have seen it as well

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