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Paranormal United : Investigating The Paranormal

Paranormal United, based in Bridgnorth Shropshire are a team of paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters who have a simple mission statement. To provide the information needed for like minded people to explore the paranormal and decide, with an open mind… Do You Believe ?

Paranormal : Beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation. United : Working together

Paranormal United Bridgnorth Shropshire are a non-profitable ghost hunting group and are available for public and private investigations, and enjoy working with other paranormal groups.

Meet the Paranormal United Team

Paul Griffiths

Occupation : Web designer & Paranormal Investigator

Resume : Paul Griffiths has been interested in the paranormal since his teens. Starting with classic hammer films and books by the likes of Stephen King, James Herbert and Dennis Wheatley. As he has got older the fiction turned to the non-fiction fascinated by the work of the late great Harry Price amongst others. He admits it was the original episodes of Living TV’s Most Haunted with Phil Whyman that finally took him from being a viewer to actually becoming involved. Paul sits on the fence with his beliefs, he wants to believe but seeks the proof, however he is always open-minded, in the words of Chris Carter “The Truth Is Out There.”

Mandy Grubb

Occupation : Mother

Resume : Mandy Grubb ‘s interest in the paranormal was brought out when Paul Griffiths introduced her to Most Haunted. Like Paul she is quick to agree it was the early episodes that were the best. She believes the most important part of ‘ghost hunting’ is the proof and this means finding something that can’t be rationally disputed. She is a firm believer but would love to see something positive with her own eyes.

Mandy lives in Bridgnorth with Paul, a son and two pampered cats.

Paul & Mandy are regular team leaders with Phil Whyman’s Ghost Hunting Company.

People & Groups Paranormal United Have Done Investigations With

Phil Whyman

Paranormal investigator with over 22 years experience and former co-presenter and paranormal expert for Living TV’s Most Haunted & Scream Team. Phil Whyman writes regularly for ‘Chat It’s Fate’ and returned to our screens as a paranormal investigator on Most Haunted Live Halloween 2009 and was a regular debater on the Great Unexplained Debate. He has been the groups mentor and friend for many years, as well as a great guy with wild sense of humour. Phil can be joined by the public investigating some of the most haunted locations in the UK through Phil Whyman’s Ghost Hunting Company.

Sara Whyman (ne Woodward)

Sara Whyman is the founder of the highly recognised paranormal group White Rose Paranormal, Sara’s knowledge and experience has been called on many times by the media and press.
She is a true professional in the realm of paranormal investigation, a status that has brought her to the public attention through the likes of Derek Acorah’s Ghost Towns and Most Haunted Live.

Vince Draper

Paranormal enthusiast and a founder member of Swadlincote Paranormal Investigation Team. Vince Draper appeared on Most Haunted Live and was a member of the investigating team for the Live location. A quiet sole on investigation, quick to assist and advise and very professional. His fear of the unknown earned him the nickname Fearless Vince.

Kevin Crow

Kevin was the resident medium for Phil Whyman’s Dead Haunted Nights, Kevin Crow has a natural ability which he has displayed by providing extremely accurate ‘personal’ information to us on more than one occasion. An extremely grounded medium who does not elaborate on what he picks up, or feel the need to ‘exaggerate’.

Stephen Griffiths

Paranormal enthusiast andsensitive he is the founder and chairman of Swadlincote Paranormal Investigation Team. Professional approach and very easy going.

David Wells

David Wells is an extremely respected medium who spent ten years following the study of Qabala. Since leaving Living TV’s Most Haunted he has written a number of books on mediumship and development, and runs regular workshops throughout the UK. The time spent with David at Wymering Manor was very enlightning and he was quick to guide and assist.

Tracy Higgs (aka TJ Higgs)

Tracy Higgs aka TJ Higgs is an acclaimed medium who works with the likes of Tony Stockwell and Colin Fry. Great to work with although she normally works around true mediumship,  she was a guest of Phil Whyman at Margam Castle and was happy to take part in the investigation. Visit T J Higgs Website

Karl Beattie & Stuart Torevell

Paranormal investigators who are extremely well known thanks to the success of Living TV’s Most Haunted. They have probably investigated more locations in the UK and USA than any other UK based investigator and their findings are seen regularly on Living TV and the Unexplained Channel.
Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell shared their knowledge and enthusiasm at the investigation of Gallery Of Justice in November 2009 as guests of Phil Whyman.

Paranormal Investigations & Photographs

See the PARNORMAL INVESTIGATIONS page for vigil reports, and the GHOST HUNTING GALLERY for photographs taken on the paranormal investigations.

Our Friends : The Ghost Hunting Company

Explore the realms of the afterlife with The Ghost Hunting Company, as we seek to communicate with the ghosts & spirits of those who dwell there. Take part in unnerving seances, paranormal experiments and test your bravery – if you dare – on the infamous ouija board, all within the most haunted buildings that the UK has to offer.


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