Haunted Wales by Richard Holland

A GHOSTLY lady has been reported to lure travellers to their deaths at the Black Pool of Cefn, near Merthyr.

Enchanted by her beauty, they would follow her into the pool, where she would chuckle maliciously as they struggled for their lives in the cold black water.

IN 1737, a champion Welsh runner was so intent on beating an Englishman in a race that he died from exhaustion soon after winning. It is said the ghost can still be seen running across the hills near Mountain Ash at midnight.

A ROAD between Llandaff and Cardiff was frequented on moonlit nights by a hideous apparition of a “frog woman”. The local rumour is that she was the unfortunate deformed daughter of a high family secreted out of sight. She was described as moving like a frog and “her croak was unmistakable”. She died after falling into the River Taff but for years afterwards her spirit could be heard croaking and screaming for help to get out of the dark waters.

A GHOSTLY coach and horses has been seen travelling up Cowbridge Road East to the gates of Cardiff Castle as recently as the 1950s.

A PIRATE haunts the spot where he suffered a slow and horrible execution at the base of the cliffs below St Donats Castle in the Vale of Glamorgan, after being buried up to his neck to await drowning by the incoming tide. He can still occasionally be heard rattling his cutlass.

A FARMER was returning home from Cowbridge market one evening when his horse stopped near his home to let a funeral procession pass. As the mourners began to file past, he suddenly recognised his own wife dressed in widow’s weeds, supported in grief by his eldest son, just behind the coffin. The procession passed by and then vanished. A few weeks later the man developed a serious illness and warned his family to expect the worst, describing to them his eerie experience. He died just three days later.

A POLTERGEIST once haunted the family of Duffryn Farm. As well as throwing stones, it also bullied the family’s young son into carrying out acts of mischief and destruction, like letting the cattle out of their sheds and burning haystacks. If the boy dared to disobey, he was punished severely – on one occasion he was thrown over the house and landed in the branches of an oak tree.

A GWRACH y Rhibyn – a monstrous Welsh spirit in the shape of a hideous woman – has been seen rising from the moat of Caerphilly Castle with droplets of water dripping from her wings, talons and long hair. Each time she rose, she would wring her hands and moan or let out a long drawn out wail that was terrible to hear before flying to the castle to take refuge within its walls.

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