Galleries Of Justice Nottingham Haunted ? Paranormal Investigation 14th July 2006

On 14th July 2006 Mandy & Paul from  ‘Paranormal United’ joined Phil Whyman ( Most Haunted & Scream Team ) via Dead Haunted Nights for a paranormal investigation night in The Galleries Of Justice Nottingham. Dead Haunted Nights promo line is …Do you want to spend a night in one of this country’s most haunted locations? Do you want one of the best known personalities, Phil Whyman, in the world of Paranormal Television to be your host for the event? Our answer was YES.

So Let The Coverage Begin …..

Prelude To Galleries Of Justice Nottingham Investigation::

We arrived at the Galleries Of Justice just after 2pm on a warm summer’s afternoon to view the premises from the outside. The Gallery is located in Lace Market Nottingham, adjacent to a church that has been converted into a ‘Pitcher & Piano Bar’ ideal for a quick drink to discuss our location and go over the research we had carried out prior to the investigation.

This historic site in the heart of the City`s Lace Market was in use as courts and prisons from the 1780s to the 1980s – although there has been a court on the site since at least 1375 and a prison since 1449.

The gallery is popular with paranormal enthusiasts, especially due to the coverage by Living TV’s Most Haunted. With bookings for nights investigations running into 2007, we were sure we were in for an interesting evening.

Meeting the Dead Haunted Nights Team ::

We returned to The Galleries Of Justice at 9pm and met up with the team from Dead Haunted Nights and their assistants.

Phil Whyman

Paranormal investigator with over 18 years experience and former co-presenter and paranormal expert for Living TV’s Most Haunted & Scream team. Photo courtesy of Dead Haunted Nights

Nick Scrimshaw

Paranormal enthusiast and co-ordinator of Dead Haunted Nights events. Photo courtesy of Dead Haunted Nights

Vince Draper

Paranormal enthusiast and founder member of Swadlincote Paranormal Investigation Team. Vince appeared on Most Haunted Live and was a member of the investigating team for the Live location.

Steven Griffiths

Paranormal enthusiast, sensitive and founder and chairman of Swadlincote Paranormal Investigation Team.

Stuart Edmunds

Paranormal enthusiast from Paranormal Images.

We meet up with the other 28 guest for the night and were broken up into groups of 4-5 to carry out vigils in the 5 locations.

After a tour by ‘light’ of the Galleries of Justice by Trevor, an employee of the Galleries, we started our investigation.

Equipment Used

Pentax Optio S55 5.0 megapixel digital camera, HP Photosmart R717 6.2 megapixel digital camera, KII EMF Meter, Spot Laser Thermometer, Olympus VN480 Digital Voice Recorder & Sony Video 8 Camcorder.

Solar X Rays Normal Geomagnetic Quiet Outside Temperature at 10.30pm 19.5c

Each vigil was 45 minutes in length

The Chapel / Caves

Research : This part of the Galleries is meant to be the most haunted part. So many people have experienced phenomena down there. A cross is sometimes thrown across the room. Noises and bangs have been heard. People have been touched, and stones have been thrown at people. The caves lead off the chapel and are not open to the public.

We entered the caves at 10.55pm lead by Stuart Edmunds of Paranormal Images. Baseline tests showed an average room temperature of 13.5c and no EMF readings were found on an area sweep. During our stay in this area the only thing we had to report that couldn’t be explained was a sound we put down to a pebble hitting stone. Although the source could not be verified. The ground was raw earth and very dry so there was a lot of dust in the air. Due this this the results on the photographs could easily be put down to the dust in the air. We spent 25 minutes in this area before moving into the chapel. There were no temperature changes although one of the team reporting feeling colder.

The chapel was extremely quiet and nothing can be reported, although like the caves speckles were caught in the photographs and again it is difficult to put any more to this than dust. However some were significantly brighter than others.

The Courtrooms

Research : The main Courtroom is apparently very active. So many people have heard knocking sounds, and terrifying groans. Also many people have seen black figures on the balcony. On many investigations that have taken place, people have caught many orbs on camera/camcorders

We entered the main courtroom at 11.55pm lead by Vince of Dead Haunted Nights. The average room temperature was between 21.5c – 22.5c and in the seating area there were no emf readings. Sitting quietly, lit only by the emergency exit lights over the doors, we sensed and heard nothing unusual. Shooting photographs two in succession only once showing up anything unusual, but again this was more suggestive of dust than anything else. Constant noise of the people enjoying the night life also made the recordings for EVP useless.

We entered the second courtroom at 12.15pm the temperature was an average of 21c. This room again was lit by emergency lights and nothing can be reported. White speckles where again caught on camera.

Bath House / Laundry

Research: A very active place. People have smelt strange smells, and the door at one time slammed open. Orbs have also been picked up on camera.

We entered the Laundry at 1.05am lead by Steven Griffiths of Swadlincote Paranormal. The bath house room temperature ranged between 18.5c and 20.1c with no emf readings. Initially I sat at the end of the room facing the entrance. I caught one photograph that may be suggestive of an orb in the entrance doorway, the interesting part being the way the ‘orb’ seems to have a cut off side by the door jam. Sitting in the Doctors room I had a clear view of the bath with Steve sat on the wall of the bath right opposite me. As he got up to walk the length of the room he seemed to be sensing something and a series of photographs caught again what may be a large orb following him. Or was this merely him disturbing dust in the air as he walked. There was no evidence of cold spots and emf reading were negative.

Team members in the women’s laundry and bedroom reported nothing.

Courtyard / Pits

Research : Bodies are buried underneath the ground of the yard. Many people have witnessed and experienced strange sensations, and have also seen dark figures. People have also once again caught orbs on their camera. In the pits many people have felt very sick, and have had to leave the building. People have been touched and footsteps have been heard. Also dark shadows have been seen on many occasions.

We entered the court yard at 2.15am, led by Nick from Dead Haunted Nights, the outside temperature had risen to 20.5c, no emf readings were found other than near an electrical outlet. There was nothing to report in any of the areas of the courtyard and photographs showed nothing unusual.

We entered the holding cell at 2.40am and again there was nothing to report.

The Cells

Research : Many people have heard lots of strange noises, including footsteps, doors slamming, and the sound of keys rattling in the cell corridor.

We entered the cell corridor at 3.15pm, led by Phil Whyman and his sister, Helen, the temperature was 20.5c. We all sat in the first cell in the dark, Helen seemed quiet unnerved, unlike here calm and humorous brother, but nothing was caught on camera and there were no temperature changes or emf readings. The second cell housed a bed which was quickly taken over by Mandy. Again there was nothing to report. We then spent some time in the corridor and again this was uneventful, other than Phil’s immense sense of humor.

The last 45 minutes of the investigation was spent breaking up the team to do their own thing, we returned to the main court room. Sitting quietly for some fifteen minutes were we rewarded by a positive orb or again was this dust.

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