The Friars (Hen & Chickens) Bridgnorth

hen and chickens

The Hen & Chickens, now known as the Friars, is a 17th century coaching in just off St Marys Street. There have been many ghost sightings in the inn with sightings in the cellar, a monk in the bar and a spirit that passes through the wall into the adjourning building.

One account states: “One night the barman went down into the very ancient cellar that belonged to the previous property, to bring some packets of crisps to put behind the bar. The Inn was fairly busy, and he was heard screaming¬† from the cellar, and then he rushed up the cellar stairs as white as a sheet. He sat down and he told how he had put his hand and arm under a low wood shelf to pull a box of crisps out, only for a hand to grip his arm and it tried with great strength to pull him under the shelf. It was such a force he was badly bruised.”

See Haunted Air : The Hen & Chickens


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