Footballer claims he was chased by a ghost

If you asked a policeman about the excuses people use, they would probably tell you that they have heard them all.

But a Peruvian footballer looks like he might have come up with a completely new one.

Carlos ‘Kukin’ Flores, a midfield star with Inti Gas Deportes, told police he was being chased by a ghost when he was stopped for running naked through the streets.

Flores, who in the past has admitted to having issues with cocaine, eventually admitted that he had been “engaging with dirty ladies” and that he came up with the ghost line to try and hide the truth from his wife.

Flores said: “I didn’t want my wife to be suspicious about ladies so I just told her it was a ghost. She failed to believe me.”

The midfielder also denied the incident had anything to do with his previous cocaine problems, he added: “This was nothing like that. I just had a bad day.”

MSN News 16th Dec 2009

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