Film crew struck down on Pendle Hill witches seance

A NEW documentary on the Pendle Witches filmed on the slopes of Pendle Hill had a dramatic twist when three members of the production crew became violently ill during a seance.

Paranormal investigators from the Pathfinder PI organisation had joined radio broadcaster and renowned ghost-hunter Roy Basnett in a barn on the hill.

When they attempted to contact the spirits of the witches, three of those present fell ill.

The seance was part of a new documentary called “Pendle’s Paranormal Road Map”, which will be presented by local historian Simon Entwistle.

Members of the country’s leading 17th Century re-enactment groupare taking part to help add to the historical accuracy of the production.

A spokesman for producers GCH Entertainment said: “The footage we got was stunning and I would like to mention how accommodating the management of the Wellsprings restaurant were on the day.

“And so were all the locals who appeared in the area to see what we were up to.

“As far as we are aware, this is the first completely accurate reconstruction of the arrest of the witches on the hill. Special mention should be made of the experts from the 17th Century Life & Times group, who travelled from all over the country to ensure everything was 100% accurate.”

A DVD is scheduled for release in October and negotiations are continuing with a network broadcaster over possible television transmission.

Pendle Today – 17 April 2009

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