Coventry University student asks for your stories of ghost sightings

A STUDENT is looking to follow up a piece of paranormal research started more than 120 years ago.

Rebecca Smith, a PHD psychology student at Coventry University, wants to find out if modern experiences of haunting are anything like those described in the census of hallucinations – a 19th century study that featured some 1,700 paranormal experiences.

The 28-year-old has set up a website for people to share their own spooky stories and help her replicate the old study.

Rebecca, who first came to Coventry in 2006 to start a masters degree in the psychology of exceptional human experiences, said: “I am expecting to find that many of these experiences occur while the person having the experiences is in bed, either before going to sleep or after waking up in the morning.

“I am also expecting that due to advances in technology, such as the invention of the telephone and the speed which we can now travel, there may be very few, if any, crisis apparitions where friends and family are visited just before the death of someone close to them.

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