Cann Hall Drive – Haunted Bridgnorth

Marie, who lives in the drive, has experienced some very strange things since she has moved in. The first thing happened as soon as she moved in. Suddenly the house developed a strange smell, just like the smell emitted from a sewer.Smell stayed in the house for two days and although through investigations was made,source of the smell could not be found. On the third day, the smell disappeared suddenly as it appeared.

Next incident concerned an old russian wind up toy. Marie had put the toy on the landing upstairs and was sitting in her lounge one evening when suddenly she heard the sound of the toy in motion. The spring in the toy had been broken for some time and after it had stopped she tried winding it up again to now avail.
Not long afterwards, a couple of incidents occurred in the bathroom. Marie kept a small plastic mirror on the window ledge over the head of the bath. One day while in the bathroom the mirror appeared on the floor. In order to land where it did the mirror would of had to travel at right angles in which case would of meant it would of fallen in the bath.

Simularly a china pendant fell from above the shower where had been connected to a leather strap. The pendant and strap were unbroken.
Other incidents have occurred in the garden and in the lounge.

Some Ghostly Tales Of Shropshire by Christine McCarthy

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