Bodelwyddan Castle Haunted ? Paranormal Investigation – 13th May 2006

On 13th May 2006 Mandy & Paul from  ‘Paranormal United’ joined Phil Whyman ( Most Haunted & Scream Team ) via Dead Haunted Nights for a paranormal investigation night in Bodelwyddan Castle. Dead Haunted Nights promo line is …Do you want to spend a night in one of this country’s most haunted locations? Do you want one of the best known personalities, Phil Whyman, in the world of Paranormal Television to be your host for the event? Our answer was YES.

So Let The Coverage Begin …..

Prelude To Bodelwyddan Castle Paranormal Investigation ::

Bodelwyddan Castle

Prior to the investigation we arrived at Bodelwyddan Castle, North Wales (Castell in Welsh) at 2.30pm on Saturday, 13th May, 2006 to become aquainted with what would be our venue for the night.

Bodelwyddan Castle is a Victorian country house near St. Asaph in North Wales. The building now houses art from the National Portrait Gallery and sculptures from the Royal Academy of Arts in its beautifully restored period rooms.

The house was remodelled in the 1830’s in the style of the castle, although it was built around a much older manor house, which was home to the Williams Family for many years. The building served as an Officer’s Mess and recuperation centre during the First World war and later became a girls boarding school from 1920-1982.

The castle was brought by Clwyd County Council in 1983 and restored to its former glory using original Victorian techniques. It is now managed by an independant charity, Bodelwyddan Castle Trust.

Meeting the Dead Haunted Nights Team ::

We returned to the castle at 8.30pm to be greeted by the Dead Haunted Nights Team, we had previously met at Woodchester Mansion

Phil Whyman

Paranormal investigator with over 18 years experience and former co-presenter and paranormal expert for Living TV’s Most Haunted & Scream team. Photo courtesy of Dead Haunted Nights

Nick Scrimshaw

Paranormal enthusiast and co-ordinator of Dead Haunted Nights events. Photo courtesy of Dead Haunted Nights

Vince Draper

Paranormal enthusiast and core member of Swadlincote Paranormal Investigation Team. Vince appeared on Most Haunted Live and was a member of the investigating team for the Live location. Photo courtesy of Dead Haunted Nights


Paranormal enthusiast and one of the co-orinators of Dead Haunted Nights events. Also the man behind their fantastic website. Photo courtesy of Dead Haunted Nights

We approached the castle to meet up with the rest of the ‘guests’ for the nights investigation and a guided tour by one of the employees of the Bodelwyddan Castle.

After a tour by ‘light’ of the rooms and areas we would hold our vigils in we were split into teams of four. Our team consisted of Darren Woods, Wayne, (from Kingswinford) Mandy and myself. Then the investigation began. ….

Bodelwyddan Castle Paranormal Investigation ::

The Toy Room

Bodelwyddan Castle Toy Room

This room was previously divided into three rooms and acted as a dormitary while the castle was a school. The room now contains victorian toys and clothes and is said to be the host of much paranormal activity

Joined by one of the castle guides, our vigil began with asking for a response from any spirits who may be present, including asking for some of the toys or clothes to be moved. Alas there was no response. Some five minutes later we did pick up on camcorder what seemed like orbs travelling across the floor towards one of the display cabinets, this was followed by my digital camera showing signs of power failure. (Some five minutes later the camera worked fine although it was apparent the batteries had suffered a high power loss.)

Our next attempt in making contact was to sit around one of the display tables and join hands to combine our energies. Led by Vince we resumed asking for contact. During this seance two things occurred. The first was the camcorder that was locked off a distance away shut down into standby mode all by itself. On inspection the battery and tape were ok and the camera worked fine for the rest of the night.

The second event occured when Darren asked if ‘Molly’ was present. This was a name that had previously been picked up on a prior investigation. I was sure at this point someone placed their hand lightly on my shoulder. I must admit quite an unnerving experience.

The Billiard Room

Bodelwyddan Castle Billiard Room

The billiard room is on the ground floor just off Watts Hall and it is reported that the apparition of a pair of legs have been seen in the doorway.

Accompanied by Phil Whyman we took position in the billiard room. This room has no windows and is kept quite dark during the day anyway because of the prints that hang around the walls. Since we could not sit on any of the original furniture we all sat on the floor, all on different sides of the room, and turned our torches off making the room pitch black!

When a light anomoly was seen by the fireplace by Phil & Darren Mandy chose to move to the other side on the room some 3 feet from myself. In the darkness she was sure something touched her top lip just below her nose. I know it wasn’t me who touched her and she later said it seemed more like a small object tapping her. The source of this is unknown and there was no further activity in this room.

On inspection of a photo taken within a minute of her being touched did show what could be an orb ?

Orb ? Billard Room orb ?

The Dining Room

The dining room also has been the site of much suggested paranormal activity. Prior invesigators and mediums have picked up the presence of a grand lady in a blue/green dress with brown hair.

The camcorder and camera did seem to pick up small light movements during our stay in this room but it would be difficult to accredit anything to this as it was in the area of a dehumidifier that could not be turned off.

Darren did pick up on an unusual light source near a copper bowel on the dining room table and captured it on his digital camera. Phil verfied he had actually seen this too. Attempts to recreate this where not possible and no natural possible source could be found.

bowl light anomoly

image courtesy of Darren Woods

Entrance & Main Corridor

The entrance hall has perhaps the most gruesome history of all the building. In 1829, while undergoing major restoration to the castle, human bones wre discovered. History of the renovation tells us these were to be rehoused behind a sculpture on the outside of the building.

During our vigil of the entrance hall nothing was felt or recorded, although it was quite welcoming to have an area with some light.

The Main Corridor did give us some interesting photographs of possible orbs that seemed to pass from the entrance to the end of the corridor. This, as always, could be dust but it must be stated these points of interest moved as a threesome and their movement was not in the flow of draughts in the corridor.

orb in hall ?

The Sculpture Room

The Sculpture Room, originally the drawing room, was perhaps the most impressive room to view, but turned out to be the least in reception to the paranormal. The only point excitement rose was when a light streak was caught on camcorder. It can be confirmed this was the effect a fly under night vision has on the less experienced investigator. Vince familiar with such recordings analysed this and once footage was inspected he was quite correct.

The Cellar

The cellars are very old and those that we investigated are perhaps the footprint to the original building. One of the things that remains with items stored in the cellar is a table marked DANGEROUS! I am unsure if this is the same table as used in the infamous episode of Most Haunted, but it brought nothing forward for us.

The highlight of this room for us, was the chance to talk to Phil Whyman on his methods of investigation and his personal view on the presence of mediums during a investigation. Hopefully with his permission we will expand on this in the future.

Our night was to conclude with a group vigil in the library, but with the dawn drawing upon us nothing further can be reported.

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