The Black Eyed Girl – Cannock Chase

black eyed girl

Stories of black eyed children are commonplace throughout the world with the reputation of being some of the most dangerous demonic spirits. There are accounts of the haunting of a black eyed girl in Cannock chase dating back some thirty years.

Paranormal investigator Lee Brickley made the headlines of national papers in October 2014 during his investigations of the haunting, he stated:

“In the summer of 1982, my aunt was 18 years old, and she and her friends would often meet on Cannock Chase in the evening time, probably in much the same way many teenagers still do today.”

“One evening, just before dark, she heard a little girl frantically shouting for help. Rushing to locate the sound, she stumbled upon a dirt track and caught sight of the girl, about six years old running in the opposite direction.

“When my aunt caught up, the girl turned around and looked her in the eyes, and then ran off into the dark woodland. Her eyes had been completely black with no trace of white.

“There was a police search but to no avail. At the time, no-one had any reason to believe anything paranormal was going on. The girl certainly appeared to be of flesh and blood.”

Rescue medium Christine Hamlett released photographs of what she claims is the black eyed girl also in October 2014. Her theory being that it is the spirit of a girl who suffered from diphtheria, a Victorian plague that caused paralysis of the eyes.


The area of the sightings are close to a local public house ‘The Four Crosses’ which featured on the 2012 TV programme Great British Ghosts. The sightings of the black eyed girl is listed as being one of the main reasons the pub is now empty and abandoned.


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