Bassa Villa – Haunted Bridgnorth

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6 Responses

  1. Muriel says:

    I stayed in the Bassa Villa once. Didn’t see anything but certainly heard unexplained sounds. Shit me pants

  2. P Pond says:

    One night when the gas pipes were being replaced along Riverside I awoke to find two children, a boy and girl standing at the side of the bed looking at me. Both had long hair the girl dressed in a long white dress and the boy in dark clothes.

  3. jacqui says:

    i stayed there a few years ago, we had the room at the top of the stairs on the left , facing the river, i took photos and when we had them developed there were hundreds of orbs coming out from the door, and we were unsettled all weekend

  4. jacqui says:

    but we loved the place and definateley stay there again

  5. John says:

    Great value qaint room in perfect location. Dozens of oldieworldie pubs within staggering distance, tried a pint in all of them and needless to say I did’nt see any ghosts.Just the odd spirit.

  6. Bluestringer says:

    This explains a lot. I was staying at the top of the house many years ago – it always had a bit of a chilling atmosphere but one night, must have been around 3am, the bed started shaking and moving about uncontrollably, waking me up. It stopped after about 30 seconds but was the most frightening experience I have ever had.

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