Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham – Haunted Theatres

There are almost as many characters offstage as on at the historic Alex. No fewer than five ghosts are said to inhabit the venue, among them former manager Leon Salberg.

The stage and cinema tycoon, known nationally as the Pantomime King, took over the venue in 1911 but the show business world was shocked when he was found dead in his office on September 29, 1937. It’s said his spirit can still be heard and seen today.

The theatre’s other ghosts are a former master of the wardrobe department who also died in the building, a military man in a top hat, a stage manager called Dick who can be heard jangling his keys and the mysterious Grey Lady who was first reported by a member of staff in 1987.

There’s also a sixth paranormal phenomenon, with power being inexplicably drained from electrical devices.

Theatre staff said there had been no sightings at the venue in recent years. A spokeswoman told the Birmingham Mail: “I haven’t experienced anything ghost-related and we have a team of fairly new staff so we don’t have anyone who has had a personal experience.”

Source Birmingham Mail

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