AFC tutors agree collective statements on a range of controversial issues

THE annual Arthur Findlay College Course Organisers and Tutors’ meeting has been held at Stansted Hall. Those tutors attending the weekend event met to discuss and help each other with teaching-related issues.

This year’s meeting, led by course organisers’ support team Paul Jacobs CSNU, Minister Simone Key and Simon James OSNU, contained an additional element, as tutors were divided into working parties where they examined and discussed a range of sometimes controversial subjects which frequently give rise to concern regarding people’s understanding of the Spirit World. As a result of these discussions a number of conclusions and statements were agreed collectively.


The AFC teaching staff accept that, based on the Fourth Principle– the Continuous Existence of the Human Soul:
1. It is not possible to communicate with an aborted or miscarried
foetus, but it is possible to communicate with family who are connected, and who have an awareness of the event, and therefore bring reassurance to the recipient.
2. Following the Seventh Principle – Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul – there is progression of the individual in the Spirit World, but we cannot give definitive evidence of the process.


We cannot deny the possibility of the existence of aliens. Contrary to popular belief, not is disturbed. Many people hold this belief, but do not indoctrinate others.
Even though people may say they have had certain experiences, they can only have them subjectively, and we cannot confirm or deny them.


As Spiritualists, we understand and accept the role of guides as a supporting team to us in our earthly lives, in our mediumship and our spiritual progression.
We accept that certain reflections of teachings from a spiritual hierarchy, be it Ascended Masters or Archangels, do exist and may be accessed, but we do not accept that these higher beings take the role of individual guides in our lives.


It is not possible for anything or anyone to attach itself to you. Circumstances or the individual’s own mind and negative thinking can manifest a false reality in which they sincerely believe this may be happening. One may believe this situation could occur because the seed is planted by another person with malicious and/or ignorant intent.
Fear can be alleviated by education, counselling, support and healing to help the individual to recognise that the situation is not genuine.


As Spiritualists, our definition of angels is a spiritually evolved intelligence, which is incarnate or discarnate, that aids and touches the soul of another.


We cannot accept the idea of evil spirits. As spirit is the pure expression of God, evil surely is a product of the negative thoughts and actions of the conscious mind, and therefore, not of spirit. We do not accept the idea, therefore, that the Spirit World could exert a harmful force on humankind.


No matter what level of consciousness a medium moves to within the altered state, it is still mental mediumship. The Spirit World impinges through the auric field to the conscious mind, thus allowing the personality and characteristics of the discarnate spirit to be witnessed.
Due to the past and present activities of the media and film industry, some people have come to believe possession is possible. However, throughout all religious history, there has never been a scientifically proven case of possession.


The AFC teaching staff accept that, based on the Fifth Principle of Personal Responsibility, the only protection needed is from our own ignorance. Our greater understanding of Natural Law allows us the knowledge that God is the ultimate embodiment of unconditional love, and that the concept of protection is therefore meaningless.


We believe we feed our own paranoia, and this can be realised through our heightened sensitivity. The damage we can do to ourselves is unlimited as we respond through jealousy, bitterness, hatred, revenge, hurt and anger. We feel our emotions are very fragile, and because of this heightened state, we try to rationalise senses and feelings not normally experienced, thus blaming psychic attack.

Reported in the Psychic News 6th March 2010

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3 Responses

  1. Janet Harrison says:

    Stansted Hall was bequeathed to the SNU by Arthur Findlay for the advancement of Psychic Science. An open mind is needed for science. Though I agree with much (though not all) of these statements, I dislike the dictatorial tone of them. They should get ego out and science back in.

  2. ann prince says:

    These statements are mildly silly. noone knows the influence of Spirit on incarnted spirits. As to aborted aor miscarried babies as example. It is not the physical body of the baby that we contact but the spirit that was with that child while it was still alive in the mother. 2 so no evidence of progress, oh dear!! what about the evidence of spirit people through the innumerable mediums. we are unaware of what sojourns in the spirit world so we cannot say that evile does not exist. Why did these mediums think it was necessary to change centuries of evidence throughout folklore as to spirit communication. or was it just an ego trip in essence.

  3. Martin MacDonald says:

    After attending the college this year (I hadn’t been since 1991) I am now convinced that there are ‘darker-forces’ at work within the college, due to certain quite frightening ‘psychic happenings’ that I experienced while staying there! In all my years of attending AFC (I used to go every year from 1977-1991) I have never experienced anything like this before! It was only while at the college, that I was made aware of these new ‘beliefs’. I’m now convinced that this is someone’s way/ploy of being able to manipulate & psychically-attack visitors, more easily & freely, by disarming them to the very real dangers that DO exist! I’ve been so shocked by what I have heard & experienced, that I will no longer label myself as a Spiritualist-Medium!!

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