Adelphi Theatre London – Haunted Theatre

London’s Adelphi hosts numerous ghosts, including the ghost of William Terriss. Terriss was a actor during life and before his death had leading roles in many of the Adelphi’s productions. Terriss was stabbed to death by the stage door in 1897. Reports of strange noises have been heard emanating from Terriss’s old dressing room. His spectre has also been seen materialising out of green light, in the theatre wearing a top hat and holding a walking stick.

Terriss is described as an imposing figure, being tall and wearing a grey suit with white gloves. His murderer was found to be ‘insane’ and spent the remainder of his life in a mental institution.

It is interesting to note that on the day before Terriss was murdered, his understudy related a disturbing dream he had had in which he had seen Terriss lying on the dressing room steps with blood flowing from a gaping wound in his chest.

According to comedian Jason Mansford, William Terriss has utilised 21st century communications technology to make his presence known again.

A fascinating first-hand account of a new sighting of one of London’s best-known ghosts unexpectedly cropped up on a comedy chat show a few weeks ago. Comedian Jason Mansford was one of the guests on Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask on UK satellite channel Dave. In the middle of the show host Alexander Armstrong asked Mansford: ‘You had some weird experience in your dressing room, though, is this true?’

‘I was in a haunted dressing room, yeah – well, I mean, if you believe in all that,’ Mansford replied and then went on to explain: ‘I was talking to my daughter on Skype, and she’s three, and she was at home. And she just went: “Daddy, what is that man doing behind you?

‘And I said: ‘What? Wha – what does he look like?” And she said: “He’s a soldier.

I went: “Hang on now, what’s going on here?” But, um, I spoke to the company manager at the theatre and apparently this guy was stabbed at the stage door in 1897, an actor, by an understudy – you know what they’re like, he wanted the part I presume, and, er, he thought that’s probably the best way, rather than just working harder – but that night he was actually making his debut in a play called “The Secret Service” when he was playing a lieutenant in the American Army. So, weird isn’t it?’


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