Ebenezer’s Cottage – Haunted Bridgnorth

Ebenezer’s Cottage is situated in Ebenezer Row, Bridgnorth. Mr John Furness has owned the property since 1985. The cottage has been occupied continuously since it was built 1810.The occupant before Mr Furness was a little old man who lived alone and would not open the door to anyone.

Mr Furness spent the first year working on the cottage, making it habitable. He would stay late at night and on two occasions he passed the little old man on the stairs and walked straight through him.Since living in the cottage he has felt the old mans presence many times.The ghost appears to live in the attic and shuffled around at night. Mr Furness’s girlfriend also saw Charlie, as they call him, and hears him shuffle around at night.

Mr Furness says that Charlie is no trouble at all and his theory is that the old man was so safe in the cottage that upon his death he was reluctant to leave the safety of the cottage and will remain there until he is ready to move on.

Some Ghostly Tales Of Shropshire by Christine McCarthy

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