Builders shaken by paranormal activity at art gallery in Kent

STRANGE footsteps were heard by builders working at ‘Deco 5’, a bar and art gallery in Whitstable, Kent.

The men reported that the footsteps made their way across the floor in the room above the bar, which is part of the first floor art gallery.

Work continued, but then engineers said the whole floor was unsound and would have to be replaced. Owner Tiziana told Your Canterbury: “It was when they were  clearing out the rubble after the old floor had been removed. We were out at the time, and when we got back we found these two burly builders shaking on the doorstep and refusing to go back in. They said they had just heard footsteps on a floor that wasn’t there!”

Co-owner Michael Dowling said, “We thought they were joking at first, but they were white and shaking.” From then on the builders worked in pairs. An electrician, working in the loft early one morning had the fright of his life when his lamp smashed, but still lit, it appeared to float through the air. Tiziana said, “He rushed down to the bar and refused to go back upstairs. We spent an hour calming him down. He took the next day off.”

Staff have reported slamming doors, trip switches on the security cameras operating for no reason, and flickering lights. Customers seem to avoid using the back stairs leading down from the gallery to the bar. They are becoming used to their supernatural entity, and according to Tiziana, everyone refers to it as ‘her’.

“We talk to her, ask if she’s OK. And she likes the music. When the music is on, nothing seems to happen.”

Deco 5’s owners are looking into the history of the building to see if they can shed any light on the reports. They are interested to hear from anyone who might
have information. Get in touch at

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