Bishop Percys House Bridgnorth Haunted ?

Back in September 2010 Paranormal United began discussions with Valley FM, the Bridgnorth Community Radio, to conduct a paranormal investigation of a historic building.

The name that came up was one of the oldest buildings in Bridgnorth, Bishop Percy’s House, built in 1580 it’s last inhabitants were the Bridgnorth Boys Club in 2003 and to our knowledge never investigated despite its reputation as one of Bridgnorth’s most haunted buildings.

The timber framed building was built in 1580 by Richard Forester, a local haulage contractor who wanted a commercial property and home next to the River Severn at the base of the Cartway in Bridgnorth.

The property is now called Bishop Percy’s House because Thomas Percy was born there on 13th April 1729. Percy went on to be the chaplain to the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland and later to become Bishop of Dromore in Ireland. One of the lesser known historical facts of the property is it is built around a Stone Stair Tower that dates back to the 1400’s and has one of the oldest elaborate fireplaces of this period still in place.

Using various contacts including local planning consultant Mike Harris and local author Simon Golding we finally got permission to investigate the building, and a date was set of Saturday 15th October 2010. With such a opportunity we were quick to call in the assistance of our friend and mentor Phil Whyman and the rest of the Dead Haunted Nights team leaders.

The investigation turned out to reveal some interesting results including unexplained dark shadows, red light anomolies or orbs visible with the naked eye, unexplained EMF readings and information from our medium Kevin Crowe that would have been difficult to research in advance.

Here is the first two installments of the footage taken by Valley FM.

Our thanks go out to Clive, Nikki and the techo magician John from Valley FM, Simon and Mike all their help and information and to Jamie who allowed us access to this amazing property.

To Phil Whyman, Sara Whyman and all the Dead Haunted team cheers guys and gals 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. Rob Pembro says:

    I’ve actually slept in the big room – the “attic”. Sorry to say we never heard or felt anything….

  2. M.A.S. TAYLOR-GLAZE says:

    My grandfather & his brother ran the iron foundry at Bishop Percy’s house, and according to my Mum, yes, the old house was haunted!!! The Rushton Bros. also helped build the railway from High to Low Town, and if you look at some of the man-hole covers throughout Bridgenorth you will see they were made by the Rushton’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe’s wife, Annie, had come back to “her” house! If she has, beware!!! 🙂

  3. Elaine Pembro says:

    This lovely old buidling is currently standing empty and unloved. Maybe the ghosts have reclaimed it?

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